Agriculture Sector

Tractor Tuning & Efficiency Courses are under development

Translation of Tube well/Pumps Energy Audits Manuals under consideration along with video demonstration clip

Centre for Clean Air Policy is assisting NEECA in developing a proposal on energy efficiency in agricultural sector focusing on integrated best practices along with irrigations techniques and systems optimization for submission to Green Climate Fund and UK-German Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) facility


  • Tune up your tractor and farm machinery regularly
  • Service your tube well/pumping station regularly
  • Do not use tube well in morning/evening peak electricity consumption hours
  • By using TOD meters installed on agricultural tube-wells, farmers may avail 75 paisas rebate per unit while operating tube wells between 10 pm and 6 am
  • Remember! Irrigation during day time results in vaporization of large quantities of water, which can be saved if crops are irrigated during night time
  • Rewind the burnt tube-well motor with good quality wire which not only prolongs the motor's life but also reduces your electricity bill





Promote/Incentivize energy efficient agriculture tractor and farm machinery( Tehsil level free tune up and maintenance)

Agriculture ministry, LG & RD


Ensure energy efficient tube wells and Water Pumping Stations.

PIDAs and Dev Authorities


Energy efficient Cropping practices and use of organic fertilizers, on-farm water management, etc.

Agriculture Ministry, and provincial governments



Pakistan is basically an agricultural country. Its agriculture sector is one of the major consumers of national energy resources, the farm tractors and agricultural tube wells using a substantial amount of High Speed Diesel and electricity.

NEECA has demonstrated through pilot projects that present energy-use efficiencies in the agriculture sector are very low and there exists a great potential for energy conservation is this sector. By eliminating inefficiencies in the tube wells, 0.3 Million Tons of High Speed Diesel and 1500 GWh of electricity (worth more than Rs. 1.5 Billion) can be saved yearly. Similarly, by improving tractor efficiency, fuel worth Rs. 1.8 Billion per year can be saved.