Textile Sector


A.Vital factor for Energy Conservation in Spining

The following section has been prepared to help the industries to keep into consideration the factors highlighted while doing in-house energy audits.

  1. Gas Generator Sets
    • Optimise loading
    • Use waste heat to generate steam/hot water /power an absorption chiller or preheat process or utility feeds
    • Use jacket and head cooling water for process needs
    • Clean air filters regularly
    • Insulate exhaust pipes to reduce GG set room temperatures
    • Proper exhaust is essential to maintain the GG set room temperature
  2. Waste heat recovery
    • Recover heat from flue gas, engine cooling water and engine exhaust.
    • Use waste heat for fuel oil heating, outside air heating, etc.
    • Use chiller waste heat to preheat hot water.
    • Use heat pumps.
    • Use absorption refrigeration.
    • Use thermal wheels, run-around systems, heat pipe systems, and air-to-air exchangers.