Energy Efficiency Competition FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NEECA?

National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) is a federal focal authority for all the energy efficiency & conservation (EE&C) measures in Pakistan. NEECA was established in the light of National Energy Efficiency & Conservation (NEEC) Act 2016.

What is the purpose of Energy Efficiency Competition?

NEECA has vision to create a culture of conservation and efficient use of energy resources to achieve sustainable development. NEECA is interested to engage youth in EE&C initiatives through this competition to highlight the importance of energy efficiency and to create awareness.

How can I learn about Energy Efficiency and Conservation as all contributions must be the themed around it?

Energy Efficiency and Conservation is widely researched subject in the contemporary public sphere from governments to households. Participants are encouraged to learn about the current discourse on the subject by visiting online resources available on NEECA’s website and otherwise on internet/libraries/journals etc.

What is the eligibility criteria to participate in EE Competition?

Eligibility criteria for each category of award is clearly defined in the advertisement for all 06 types of awards.

Is there any guidance material available to prepare for the competition?

Yes. You can visit following links for guidance and better understanding about EE&C:

  • Instagram: @neeca_Pakistan


Is there any registration fee for participation in EE competition?

No, there is no registration fee to participate in EE Competition. Guidelines should be strictly followed to avoid ineligibility for participation in the competition like word age, enrollment, word limit for writing competition, time limit for videos etc.

How many awards are there?

There are 06 categories of awards in total which can be extended to each language separately depending on the number of participants.

In advertisement, 07 categories are mentioned. All these categories will be assessed collectively for one award.

No. All these categories will be compared and awarded within their respective category. Each group will be awarded for all 03 categories and sub-categories separately. Category one can participate only in 01 painting.

How the originality of the work will be ensured?

The essay and story will be checked for plagiarism. Only original work will be processed for competition.

What idea would be acceptable? Any renewable energy projects would be considered?

It should be based on an idea regarding the EE&C behaviours in society and should convey a clear message about EE&C. For details please consultant above mentioned guiding material. This competition purely for EE&C measures.

Who can participate?

People from all over Pakistan including Azad Jammu & Kashmir & Gilgit- Baltistan can participate in this competition. The age and category of awards is clearly defined in advertisement.

The students enrolled in A or O level education system can participate in Competition?

Yes. The international education (A level, O Level etc) awards would be considered with corresponding local degree programs.

Is there any age limit to the eligibility?

Age is not the basis for eligibility/ineligibility except for where it does not coincide with the educational classification mentioned in each of the categories. Only Category-7 is open to the people which do not fall under the Categories 1-6.

Am I required to submit a proof of my enrollment?

It can be asked as a part of evaluation during the scrutiny and shortlisting that an enrollment certificate may be submitted to ascertain the participants in a transparent manner.

How am I supposed to send the soft copies?

Soft copies of the essays are desired as readable scanned copies of the handwritten essay or PDF versions in case typed essays

What shall be the subject of my email to NEECA?

Please use “Submission: C-1/2/3/4/5/6/7 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Competition” as the subject line in your emails or right corner of envelop if submitting hardcopy.

What information shall I furnish with my submission?

It is desired that the Full name, CNIC number, Contact Information, Address be mentioned in the package submitted through electronic or physical means.

How can I reach out to the focal person(s) in case of a troubleshooting or query that isn’t listed here?

Please use the Query Box below this FAQ section. Alternatively, the contact numbers provided on the advertisements are dedicated for query redressals through call/message/WhatsApp. It is requested to give 24 hours for feedback redressal.

When shall I be informed of the final decision?

The tentative timeline for finalization of lists in all categories of the competition will be informed to all the participant within due course of time and a list of participants will be uploaded on NEECA website.