DG Technical

Director General - Technical
Job Description, KPIs and Qualification & Experience


Position Name: DG Technical Position Code: Technical 001

Reports to: Managing Director NEECA Location: HQ Islamabad

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the process of design, development, or construction of technical aspects and methodology of the energy efficiency & conservation projects and demand side energy management programs to ensure acceptability of budgets and time lines, conformance to applicable laws, or adherence to approved technical specifications. This includes review of the general projects for ensuring energy efficiency and conservation, that may include monitoring, reviewing, inspecting the architectural, mechanical, electrical plans, and / or product and services specifications to evaluate energy efficiency and conservation level.
  • Undertake review, inspection and / or monitoring of the energy related design or construction issues, such as energy engineering, energy management, or sustainable design for different projects. Develop, revise (when applicable) and implement rules and regulations promulgated under the National Certification Scheme for Energy Auditors and Managers.
  • Responsible to review and update the course content developed under National Certification Scheme for Energy Auditors and Managers covering industrial and building sector and conduct of customized and exam preparatory courses.
  • Paper setting and conduct of annual examinations under the National Certification Scheme for Energy Auditors and Managers.
  • Develop enlistment and reporting process for Energy Auditing Firms/ESCOs and evaluation of applicants
  • Develop, revise (when applicable) and implement the provisions of the Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC) in consultation with the relevant stakeholders
  • Develop, revise (when applicable) and implement rules and regulations promulgated under the National Certification Scheme for Building Energy Modellers.
  • Maintain a list of Designated Consumers to be developed after analysis of the annual energy consumption threshold levels in exercise of the powers conferred by the clauses (e) and (f) of Section 10 of the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act, 2016 and develop a reporting platform accessible to the designated consumers with limited user access.
  • Review the limit of annual energy consumption in terms of metric tons of oil equivalent after every three years with effect from the date of publication of the respective notification for the purpose of declaring designated consumers or any other establishment specified in the Schedule to the Act.
  • Carry out assessment of yearly energy saving data submitted by DCs to calculate the estimated energy savings.
  • Evaluate the Mandatory Energy Audit reports submitted by the Designated Consumers.
  • Provide technical support for development and implementation of Energy Saving Certificates Scheme for Development of Sector/Sub-Sector specific reporting format, M&V protocol, manuals, normalization factors and their revision if so required.
  • Review of Baseline audit reports for Baseline Specific Energy Consumption and Target Specific Energy Consumption of notified Designated Consumers.
  • Develop or propose revised MEPS to PSQCA after certain time intervals and update the star rating classification tables accordingly.
  • Develop and revise from time to time the Pakistan Energy Labeling Scheme for different appliances including EVs and Charging Stations and conduct of training sessions for lab professionals, manufacturers, retailers, dealers, distributors, procurement agencies, etc.
  • Maintain and keep updating the Products Registration System under Standards and Labeling Program.
  • Develop a Scheme for Establishing NEECA Vehicles Instrumented Tune Up Centers.
  • Participate in all negotiations with the external stakeholders regarding establishment of any technical facility like Center of Excellence for Energy Efficiency etc.
  • Prepare and facilitate in developing Surveillance and Inspection plan.
  • Prepare draft agreements in conjunction with the legal advisors and their implementation towards the benefit of the organization, within the prescribed limits of the law of the land
  • Coordinate and pursue the technical cases with the business community and other officials and agencies of the Government of Pakistan on behalf of NEECA
  • Assist in procurement of equipment through preparation of technical specifications, tender documents and evaluation of technical proposals.
  • Develop Concept Papers, Study Reports, Seminar/Workshop Reports, Technical Reports for Pilot Projects/feasibilities.
  • Preparation of technical contents for media related leaflets, brochures, awareness, and outreach material etc.
  • Undertake different tasks relating to developing and recommending the national energy efficiency standards to the Managing Director and subsequently by the NEECA board after approval from the National standards and testing bodies respectively.
  • Establish systems and procedures for surveys, surveillance, monitoring, inspection and audits to prevent inefficient use of energy resources and recommend implementation of specific energy conservation measures.
  • Conduct energy audits to evaluate energy use and to identify conservation and cost reduction measures`
  • Prepare programs to strengthen the existing appliance testing labs and help establish and maintain one or more laboratories as accredited laboratories for conducting tests and analysis to help the Authority in performance of its functions and to conduct research in various aspects of energy conservation.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the operations and maintenance of a) buildings and residential units and allied equipment services, b) transportation and allied systems, c) utilities and public services systems, d) energy generation, transmission and distribution systems and equipment, and 3) agricultural and allied services, equipment and systems, etc., through development of different standards, labels and energy specifications.
  • Develop, design, and / coordinate for designing and development of standards and labels, rules and regulations to ensure benchmarking of different energy intensive industrial processes equipment, appliances, tools that can be used by the NEECA to conduct surveillance, audits and inspections across different sectors to evaluate and assess energy usage and to identify conservation and cost reduction measures.
  • Examine commercial sites to determine the feasibility of installing equipment that allows building management systems to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Inspect or evaluate building envelopes, mechanical systems, electrical systems, or process systems to determine the energy consumption of each system, as per standards & labels approved / endorsed by the NEECA.
  • Analyze energy bills, including utility rates or tariffs, to gather historical energy usage data, Identify and prioritize energy-saving measures, analyze technical feasibility of energy-saving measures, using knowledge of engineering, energy production, energy use, construction, maintenance, system operation, or process systems.


Key performance Indicators

  • % increase in the National energy efficiency standards, certification, and labeling for domestic and commercial equipment/appliances than last year.
  • This may include standards and labeling for different appliances and equipment
    • T&D performance levels for utilities distribution and transmission
    • Power generation efficiencies
    • dispersed generation and net metering
    • building and residential units’ energy code
    • vehicle fitness and emission standards, etc.
  • % increase in the upgraded and expanded industrial EE requirements for major equipment industrial, building, power & energy, transport and utilities
  • Ratio of Energy Efficiency codes, standards, and labeling schemes developed and implemented as compare to planned for the year
  • Number of energy efficiency testing and certification facilities set up
  • % increase in growth of market demand and sales of energy efficiency related appliances and services
  • Number of EE&C standard and labelling regime violations referred to the Legal and Enforcement Department and ECTs


Qualification and Experience

  • Master’s Degree in Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal, Power, Energy or related field) from HEC recognized University with minimum 15 years’ post-qualification professional experience. 
    Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal, Power, Energy) from HEC recognized university with minimum 20 years of post-qualification professional experience.
  • Experience in relevant field in a responsible position in the Government, Regulatory or in a National/International Organization (preferably in energy sector) of repute in public or private sector.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with higher / international qualifications and relevant certifications


Quota: Open merit

Salary: Market competitive salary package will be offered, subject to qualification and experience of the candidate.

Age: Maximum Age should be 50 years at the time of application (age will be calculated as on the closing date of receipt of applications).