DG Finance

Director General Finance
Job Description, KPIs, and Qualification & Experience


Position Name: DG Finance Position Code: Finance 001

Reports to: Managing Director NEECA Location: HQ Islamabad

Key Responsibilities

  • The position is responsible for planning, directing, controlling, monitoring and dealing with finance related matters of the Authority. The position holder is responsible for carrying out/supervising different activities related to financial management, budgeting, reporting, forecasting, analysis, compliance to different statutory requirements, implementation of NEECA rules relating to energy certificates and managing funds, etc., to ensure smooth running of NEECA.
  • Responsible for preparing, reviewing, implementing and monitoring financial policy and procedures to strengthen finance related operations of NEECA.
  • Responsible for developing/supervising the financial budget for NEECA on periodical basis. This involves overseeing/performing the activities required for preparation and approval of budget from the Authority’s Board, which may include, obtaining budget requirements from departments, forecasting expenditures, preparing presentations to MD and the Board, etc.
  • Responsible for development, implementation and monitoring of systems for regularly review of financial performance across the Authority and that budget managers are supported to undertake budget monitoring as part of the financial control framework.
  • Supervise budgetary control ensuring financial discipline and recommendations of remedial actions as and when required.
  • Responsible for supervising preparation and/or performing different processes/operations for recording of different financial transactions, ensuring compliance to GAAP /IFRS; and ensuring integrity of financial information.
  • Responsible for preparation of the financial statements duly compliant with IAS/IFRS as far as possible.
  • esponsible for ensuring statutory and legal compliances required by Federal Bureau of Revenue, PPRA, Auditor General of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, etc., are compiled by the Authority.
  • Responsible for performing/supervising work related to performing management and operational pre – audit and internal audit; reviewing audit findings, providing/verifying recommendations to address issues identified during internal audit for processing of the cases. The CFO is responsible for ensuring compliance of NEECA/Government rules and regulations, Auditor General of Pakistan – Audit framework; related to working of internal audit.
  • Responsible for overseeing the external audits operations, performed by Auditor General of Pakistan, & External Audit, ensuring timely provisioning of all information, providing appropriate response to audit observations and timely completion of audit engagements.
  • Responsible for supervising/performing operations related to preparing, invoicing, receiving. And distributing NEECA fees/charges/invoices, different payments made by energy saving certificates, etc; and their subsequent collection and record maintenance.
  • Responsible for ensuring timely collection of the dues; and expediting the issue of non-payment to the Authority in case of non-adherences with respect to collection of outstanding dues by the licensees.
  • Responsible for framing and implementation of NEECA Financial Rules and notifying the same in official gazette.
  • Responsible for supervising and/or performing the operations related to processing claims submitted to NEECA and their subsequent payment, through a process, which is compliant with NEPRA/ Government of Pakistan rules, regulations and procedures, etc.
  • Responsible for overall management of NEECA employee contributory provident fund and gratuity funds as trustee on behalf of NEECA. Act as a member of trustee of board; and secretary of trust and responsible for maintenance of accounts, maintaining complete record of meetings, decisions and investments of funds, etc.
  • Responsible for supervising implementation of Energy Saving Certificates, relating rules / procedures, accounting practices for certificates; including issuance and maintenance of electronic repository of certificates on electronic portal and performance of related analysis.
  • esponsible for management Authority’s overall funds & investment programs including the establishment and review of funds / investment goals and the leveraging of multi-currency and multi-asset portfolio strategies to reduce risk and enhance long-term performance and profitability.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate investment strategies / processes along with necessary rules / procedures.
  • Manage billion rupees’ investment funds; establish performance goals, allocate resources, and assess policies in order to make recommendations to Managing Director and to the Board Committee and the NEECA board.
  • Monitor/evaluate investment and fund portfolios by communicating with external managers, developing performance reports, as well as assessing manager roles and their adherence to the fund investment strategies
  • Direct investment and funds sourcing research activities; undertake national international donor linkages for sourcing of funds / grants / financial assistance, etc.
  • Evaluate existing and prospective investment managers, capital markets and other related investment topics from quantitative and qualitative perspectives and submit detailed report to the Managing Director or Board Committee or Board as required, recommending possible strategies for effective utilization of the available resources and ensuring availability of the resources for carrying out Authority’s operations.
  • Responsible for maintaining liaison with other departments for compliance of instructions issued by Authority as energy saving certificates, and taking follow up action in this regard.
  • Responsible for preparation and submission of presentations to the Authority on matters related to energy saving certificates.
  • Responsible for performing/supervising activities related to implementation and maintenance of management information system, comprising of different softwares, applications, etc.
  • Responsible for supervising proper utilization of the applications, softwares; their maintenance, timely entry of information, periodical closing etc., to ensure smooth functioning of the department.
  • Responsible for developing/supervising development of special purpose reports, analysis, etc, as and when required.
  • Responsible for representing NEECA on different officials’ forums (related to finance and audit matters)
  • Responsible for handling all administrative issues related to Finance department and its employees e.g. leaves, procurement of equipment, office supplies, record maintenance etc.
  • Undertake different measures to enhance/built upon existing skill set of the employees of the Finance department, comprising of both soft and technical skills.
  • Responsible for management of complete record, which may include all official mails originating from outside/inside of the department, files, submissions, evidences, reports, documents, etc.
  • Responsible for controlling access to the record room according to applicable work instructions.


Key Performance Indicators

  • Total number of payments made within due time as compared to total requests received.
  • Percentage of errorless payroll finalized and disbursed within due date.
  • All of the payments made during the year are in compliance to NEPRA’s rules and regulations.
  • Percentage of deviation in planned budget for finance and other departments no or less is good”
  • Percentage of repeat of Audit findings.
  • Percentage of recovery as compare to the percentage of recovery last year.
  • Percentage deviation of actual cost from the budgeted cost (less is good).
  • Average number of days in which company receives due receipts.
  • Percentage of overdue invoices, i.e., invoices not paid until due date (or specific number of days e.g. 120).
  • Percentage of overdue tax statements.
  • Average time / Number of days taken to process the claims until its payment (Turnaround time).
  • Quality of Audits.
  • Percentage net increase / decrease in the funds during the year, as a result of investment / funds management activity.
  • Ratio of increase the fund / investment management fee as compare to last year.
  • Percentage (__) increase in the total funds during the year, as a result of new loans / grants / assistance.


Qualification and Experience

  • Candidate should have Master’s or Higher Degree in Finance, Accounting, Auditing or business administration.
  • Candidate must have more than 15 years of post-qualification professional experience in Finance, Accounting, Auditing, financial policies, planning, design, development, implementation, maintenance and support of ERP systems.
  • Candidate having proven and verifiable successful track record and relevant leadership experience in financial management would be preferred.
  • Experience of working with national and international organizations at a leadership level is required.


Quota: Open merit

Salary: Market competitive salary package will be offered, subject to qualification and experience of the candidate.

Age: Maximum Age should be 50 years at the time of application (age will be calculated as on the closing date of receipt of applications).