DG Planning, Policy, Innovation, Program & Research

DG Planning, Policy, Innovation, Program & Research
Job Description, KPIs and Eligibility Criteria


Position Name: DG Planning, Policy, Innovation, Program & Research Position Code: P3R 001

Reports to: Managing Director NEECA Location: HQ Islamabad

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepare or update national energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) policy following the strategy for Planning, Policy and Innovation for the approval of the board; based on the broader guidelines as provided by the Federal Government and internally by NEECA MD and other departments. Review, update, prepare, and strategize follow up on national policy on energy efficiency in coordination with internal and external stakeholders. Oversee the implementation of strategic initiatives within for day-to-day activities ensuring that departmental objectives align with the overall strategic plan of the organization.
  • Undertake and direct relevant research to develop initial drafts of the policies, strategies, action plans, programme proposals/PC-1s, policy briefs and concept notes for the consideration of the Managing Director and subsequently to the board, in priority sectors of economy prescribed under the act.
  • Establish protocol of coordination between different functionaries of the Government and serve as information house on EE&C policies, research based knowledge products, strategies. Create linkages and interface with multinational donors for technical assistance programs and to promote energy efficiency investment.
  • Develop, design, identify and recommend energy savings strategies and programmes to achieve more energy-efficient operation through R&D, Innovation, policy design, and mass awareness etc.
  • Responsible for identification and if required collecting data (may include supervision for development of data collection tools and methodology) for national level energy efficiency and conservation analyses, using different research techniques.
  • Lead and Manage the design and development of EE&C programmes ensuring adherence to the guidelines under solicited or unsolicited RFPs, PSDP proformas, EAD concept notes, P3A proposal application especially regarding budgets and timelines, conforming to applicable laws and / or approved rules, regulations and specifications.
  • Spear head relevant and regular research and development to assist other sister departments to identity the potential areas for improvements / innovations / best practices; also conduct need assessment in close coordination with other sister departments at the Authority to develop solutions to initiate, catalyze, carry out and coordinate to determine different technical specifications for energy efficient systems, equipment, services, infrastructure, etc., contribution to the long term goal of energy efficiency and conservation in the economy.
  • For policy, different research and strategy and knowledge product development point of view: analyze sectoral energy usage and consumption data gathered from different sources to create different economic models and engineering designs or methods for demand side energy management in the country; to identify different trends relating to energy production, saving, usage, or conservation, etc.
  • Responsible for program management and evaluation in line with the NEECA’s overall mandate including project design, development, work plan development, proposals development, implementation of the program, monitoring and evaluation of the program up to successful conclusion of the program.
  • Establish MEL policy, plan and mechanisms at NEECA to evaluate objectives and KPIs of the strategic plan
  • Conduct Market Surveys to analyze the service values and willingness to pay from the manufacturers and respective associations.
  • Undertake, coordinate and / or conduct research, prepare reports, or formulate plans to address economic problems particularly behavioral economics related issues impacting the energy efficiency and energy conversation, manufacturing, production and supply of energy efficient goods and services.
  • On behalf of the NEECA Board and Managing Director, lead the coordination between the different stakeholders relating to implementation of EE & energy conversation policy and programmes at international, national and provincial level.
  • Initiate requests for foreign technical and financial assistance in line with the provisions of the NEECA act and as per applicable organizational procedures.
  • Lead and initiate demonstration and research and development programs in support of NEECA functions.
  • Seek information or data relating to the different matters of the Energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Undertake different IEC and advocacy activities to raise awareness about energy efficiency and conservation of different segments of the society and develop a positive image of the NEECA for all stakeholders especially with designated consumers and measures taken to fulfil its mandate. This includes Planning, designing, developing and coordinating different communication activities / campaigns designed to create or maintain a favorable public image or raise issue awareness for general topics or for special segments of the Pakistani society.
  • Develop program proposals for international coordination on energy efficiency and conservation policy instruments/program/projects/activities/initiatives. Educate customers on energy efficiency or answer questions on topics such as the costs of running household appliances or the selection of energy-efficient appliances.
  • Ensuring successful completion of projects, responsible for the creation, organization, execution and completion of projects / programs. This includes managing projects: scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality, resources and sustainability.
  • Lead conceptualization, design, development of the program / project proposals for national / international coordination on energy efficiency and conservation policy instruments/program/projects/activities/initiatives and responsible for its implementation/ rollout. Successful commissioning of PSDP and other programs through programme development and coordination with sister units


Key performance Indicators

  • Number of programmes developed and launched to phase-out inefficient devices, technologies, infrastructure, and upgrade and expand sectoral stakeholders’ access to Energy Efficient equipment and systems.
  • Specific policy, financial, and fiscal incentives notified by the federal government for manufacturer, importers, and provision of energy efficient products, goods and services.
  • % increase in access to energy efficient services, appliances, equipment and its affordability to different segments of the society particularly living in backward / geographically, environmentally challenging areas
  • Guidelines, criteria, and procedures for ensuring energy efficiency in all major public sector expenditures, acquisitions, and practices
  • Number of General and sectoral energy use surveys and census conducted periodically and established database of industrial, transportation, agricultural, and buildings energy statistics
  • Number of stakeholders sensitized through general mass awareness raising and promotional campaigns involving social and mainstream media, seminars, workshops, educational curricula, etc. in a year.
  • Collaboration agreements, MoUs, joint-ventures, etc., between local and international partners (governments, donors, DFIs, private sector).
  • Ensuring completion of the projects / programmes as per required deliverables and timelines.
  • Monthly and quarterly work plans met with less than +/-10% variance
  • Number of research articles/publications/Concept Notes/ Programme proposals developed.
  • Number of EE&C programs developed, matured and commissioned at NEECA
  • Number of workshops / conferences / webinars, and outreach activities completed
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) mechanisms and data systems established as required.
  • Number of short- and medium-term energy efficiency business operational plans developed, approved and enforced with support from sister departments


Qualification and Experience

  • Master’s degree in Public Policy/Economics/ Social Sciences / or any related discipline from a recognized national/international university
  • At least 15 years of post-qualification professional experience in the field of policy research, program development and innovation
  • Experience of working in the energy sector, track record of establishing/leading organizations process will be preferred.


Quota: Open merit

Salary: Market competitive salary package will be offered, subject to qualification and experience of the candidate.

Age: Maximum Age should be 50 years at the time of application (age will be calculated as on the closing date of receipt of applications).