MD NEECA interview on Subah Say Agay on Hum News

In a recent interview on Subah Say Agay on Hum News, MD NEECA discussed the National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority's (NEECA) goals, priorities, programs, and initiatives to promote energy efficiency and conservation in Pakistan. NEECA's primary goal is to reduce Pakistan's energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of energy efficiency measures. In the coming year, NEECA will focus on raising awareness about energy efficiency among the public and private sectors, implementing energy efficiency programs in key sectors such as industry, transportation, and buildings, and collaborating with government agencies and other stakeholders to develop and implement energy efficiency policies and regulations. One of the main challenges in promoting energy efficiency and conservation in Pakistan includes a lack of awareness about the benefits of energy efficiency, high upfront costs of energy-efficient technologies, and a lack of enforcement of energy efficiency standards and regulations. NEECA is addressing these challenges through public awareness campaigns, financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades, and capacity building for government officials and other stakeholders.