National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy 2023

National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy 2023

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The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy 2023 identifies mechanisms to ensure deep-rooted institutionalization, operationalization, and implementation of EE&C in the country and consists of sectoral measures for Industry, Building, Transport, Energy (Power and Petroleum), and Agriculture sectors. The policy also informs, on the basis of techno-economic analysis, enforcement mechanisms required for adoption and compliance of EE&C regulatory measures along with precise guidelines for coordination with the provincial governments and regions. Holistically, the policy provides a framework to develop an eco-system to steer EE&C and developing synergies inclusive of all public and private sector stakeholders.





To steer Pakistan towards a culture of conservation and efficient use of energy resources to achieve sustainable development.



To double the rate of energy efficiency by improving energy intensity, ensuring cost-effective measures and developing market-based mechanisms ( To decrease Energy Intensity to 3.52 MJ/USD by 2030 (at constant PPP2017))



  • The First Fuel
  • Valuing Co-benefits
  • Evidence Based Approach
  • Sustainability
  • Access to All
  • Behavior Change