NEECA-PEC Nation-wide Courses

NEECA as Professional Engineering Body for Conducting CPD Activities

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provides the members of Engineers professional bodies to maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills for developing personal qualities required in their professional lives.

Pakistan Engineering Council under its Act has the mandate for introducing and ensuring continued professional development activities amongst its growing community of engineers and devised a comprehensive framework titled Professional Development of Engineers (Bye Laws  2008) approved by the Government of Pakistan.

PEC has registered 96 institutions, universities and renowned organization as professional engineering bodies (PEBs) to conduct the CPD activities to fulfill requirements of Engineers.

NEECA has been also enlisted as PEB to impart CPD activities for the Engineers.

The main objective of CPD initiatives to develop competence and ability of engineers for the application of theoretical knowledge to the realistic situations and to evolve innovative solutions for the potential problems, while adhering the professional ethics and acquisition of a broader understating of their obligations to the society.

List of CPD Courses:

Nation-Wide CPD Course on Improving Energy Efficiency Manuals (Click Here for Details)

Nation-Wide CPD Course on Energy Audit Tools And Techniques (Click Here for Details)